Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Am Water

I am water; warm, wet, cold, and hot. Liquid, solid, or gas: I refresh, soothe, cleanse, and quench. Transmitter of life, breath, and energy, my hydrogen and oxygen are the basic catalysts of the chemical processes that sustain and modify life upon this planet and countless others like it in Creation.

I am water, pure water, H2O. I make the grass grow, the grains bud, the flowers bloom, and I allow giant trees to pierce the azure sky. I can be moody, fickle, dangerous, and even deadly. As gas, my vapors collect in the atmosphere, creating magnificent structures; castles in the air that any architect would evy. Pushed by the wind, my clouds rumble by on the horizon like a herd of buffalo frightened by a thunderclap, as I make my appointed rounds.

As a liquid, I can be as tranquil as a turquoise pool at the bottom of a red rock sandstone cliff; or as fatal as a raucous, muddy torrent, relentlessly charging through a canyon, sweeping aside all obstacles in my way. I am water H2O.

As a solid I can be as beautiful as a snowflake or as dangerous as an avalanche. In the Winter you will find me frozen and dressed in white, covering the woods and hills, adorning my streams that meander through the valley. I am in my most majestic state, enthroned upon the lofty mountain pinnacles in the distance, glistening in the sun.

I cover 70% of the Earth's surface and from space my blue oceans, clouds, and white ice caps make the world look like a multi-colored marble: blue, and brown, and white. My oceans hold 97% of all the surface water; my ice caps less than 2.5%, and my vapor much less. But I move through it all continuously in a perpetual cycle of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and runoff as I make my way down the mountains and through the lakes, across the landscape to the rivers, and finally to the sea. There I begin anew, as a currrent, as a wave, as water vapor ascending to my friends; the clouds.

I am water, pure water, H2O.

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